Close to Home

I love to knit, and have a large collection of knitting patterns, but have often wondered if I would have what it takes to design something for myself.  Where do you begin?

I had bought some Daughter of a Shepherd DK yarn with the intention of using it to knit a hat for my Dad.  I had recently realised that he was the only member of my family that I hadn’t knit for so, when I discovered a yarn made from the fleece of sheep raised down the road from his childhood home, I decided it was time to remedy that.

For this perfect project I wanted the perfect pattern, and while there are many beautiful hat patterns on Ravelry (well worth a trip down that particular rabbit hole if you have a few hours to spare!) I couldn’t find one that said ‘Dad’.  It was then I decided to put this design idea to the test.

The result is my ‘Close to Home’ hat.  A unisex hat knit in the round from the bottom up with a simple cable and rib pattern that continues up in to the crown.  The yarn is wonderfully light and warm, making it the perfect transition piece to see you through from summer to winter and back again.

You can find it now in my Ravelry store.

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